SongsOf Songo.003: HEM OF GOD’S GARMENT

My debut album.

Cover Art by Hope Studios (IG: hopestudio.hq).

My debut album wasn’t supposed to come out this year, but God’s timing is always perfect. After working on five singles with KAWHIATUS for the first half of the year, we gradually locked in for three weeks to create a full-length project that turned into an album. I’m not only proud of everyone who worked on the album, but I am proud of myself for making an album where I prioritized my own needs for the first time in my musical journey. Thank you to everyone who is streaming via SoundCloud // Audiomack and buying the album on Bandcamp. Enjoy reading the lyrics while you play the entire album.

HEM OF GOD’S GARMENT is available now on Bandcamp // SoundCloud // & Audiomack.





Cover Art by Hope Studio (IG: hopestudio.hq).


released July 7, 2021

Cover Art by Hope Studios (IG: @hopestudio.hq)

All songs written and recorded by Masongo Ogora unless stated otherwise.
Executive producer(s): Masongo Ogora, KAWHIATUS
Features: WOOLMANGRUNDY (Track #2), JOJANK (Track #3), KAWHIATUS (Track #6), and Big Flowers (Track #7)
Mixed and Mastered by JOJANK

Special Thanks to Aux Child and Size 18 Shoes.

2021 ©️ God’s Science Project




Back like Pfizer //

Michelle Phifer

If she touched //

the Hem of God

Interesting that I’m//

The God MC

All these other//

Mortal niggas Fraud

Tough as Tungsten

After a whiff//

Snuffed King Tut

Granted destiny//

illmatic’s grandkid

Doing this for//

Lor Saint

Curry my Curie//

My lor Marie

Ass radioactive

Educating me on//

Gus Nilinnuc Theory

Fluent in Ad-libs

Amphibians ambitious//

Enough to overcome arrogance

arachnids’ advantage//

Easily Cupid’s leaden arrow hit

Cured by Aesculapius’s Staff//

After 66th hour of Gelos’ laugh

Aired by Aphrodite and friends//

Roasted tinderly in group chat

Street stripped Jesus Jerome Christ //

cap been a hand-me-down ten toes

GMO bars on Bandcamp//

utensils serve Kawhiatus’ instrumentals

God’s Science Project//

Pen game big brain during post nut clarity

Niggas simping Santa Claus//

Left Miranda right lifting LifeAlerts Daintily

Shit I meant Danity//

Kane is never Gibby when you fucking anger and envy Freddie

Zenin drago like Mugemi Babo//

Hem of God’s Garment practice chapel

Mother’s Hands rehearsal dinner//

God loves Durags detox Howl’s Castle

Heavenly hooked//

To my Tree of Life

Sleep Carmeloly//

Betwixt my Lala

Masongo Ogora//

The new Black-Owned Harper’s Bazaar

Fucked Hip-Hop//

Need custody of my sons on Hagar

Funny how Martin//

Worked since Malcolm X was closed off

Last time my niggas//

Was free when they had their clothes off

Velcro shoes hanging//

Family reunion with memorial wreaths

Only people currently//

On my level are Idris and Heath

Stole Sozin’s Comet//

Restoring order Agni Kai heat

I touched God’s Garment//

And regained what forbidden fruit stole from me




Ive had my hands tied
You tell me I Ain had restrictions you a damn lie
Fuck all yalls predictions on my damn life
My palms sweatin when 12 around every damn time
Idk if this blunt I’m hittin my last time
Even be black in peace
Unless I’m innat coffin wearin black
In Peace
I wanna see
Militant change
When ripplin veins
Triple in pain
Still in the frame
To get the bigger picture
Simplest things
Depicted in chains
Be my family tree
Shipped n exchanged
Onnat theatre screen for da holiness
No holy shit
But So be it
The Soviet’s came wit a moment to gain
Wit a smart talker
A large march n target the blame
I’ll be the skywalker spark that set a target to flame
Third eyez on me
My target in frame
We all inna game

And I’m over it
And I Ain vote for shit
Thas not my objective
Thru my recollection
New guys never step in
Thru blue eyes blue checks don’t accept them
Fuckin exec don’t respect em
No god will protect em
So I will project em

DarkendLyt energy

My rimes flow in the dark.

Born in it.
Molded by it.

Say my name in BANE


Hitman hollaWANE innerprize
I visualize the venom
I innergize the system
My innerguise dismembered
Amputated the look huh
Disarm could brake a leg
Dawg I’m wishin you good luck

How much dollar really cost?

Not two fucks.
I elevate and leave the grouwn I let my shooes touch
Q is CZAR.
Who is ours?
A lyin king
Or a muted scar.

Disarm could brake a leg
Dawg I’m wishin you good luck

How much dollar really cost?

Not two fucks.

2nd Verse: Masongo Ogora

Clapback for the likes//

Planted seeds of clout

Moving forward with life//

Stuck in the roundabout

Get it out the mud?//

sloppily sleeping in the tundra

God’s Science Project//

Neil DeGrasse Tyson not a top founding father

Permanent underclass//

Swim good if you built to outlast

Black Wall Street//

Mirrors vanished thin air along with our pasts

Spin the block//

Reroute the plan society forced upon us

Detour the trauma//

Park at the sections that we bought

Shared experiences//

Don’t equate to relationships

Black Lives Matter//

Skip scene right back to hateful acquaintances

Monolithic activities//

Disperse even more pain

Joints Miyagified//

Spliff smiles ignite the flames

Of suicide//

Late at night

Hang ten//

Teen Nick or Nick at Nite

Are you worried//

About the plight or catching the red eye?

First Class ticket//

To the Jeffersons’ Airbnb in the sky

Colorism in the prism//

Does the light bulb keep you warm at night?

Issa Rae swimming seven figures//

How you bringing logic to Tyler Perry’s fight?

Hosted by BET//

Concessions serve red meat and diabetes

Flip this verse//

Your face valuable for Shade Room and a box of Wheaties

Capitalism sells more//

Ye advertising less

Reparations socialism//

Got us diving out the nest

Without even realizing//

We’re swarmed by our own people

Let’s build fam//

new gym trainer call circa Oladipo

Love us or hate us//

Vocal tone still pitches the same ring

Funny how we accept//

White people calling us kings and queens

Whose permission//

Did you ask for the AAVE?

Coons closing doors//

Wonder why they spend thousands on gatekeeping?

Pocket watching//

For Tik Tok

Child prodigies//

End up lip locked

Drive-thru Liquor Stores//

Gentrification of pit stop

Losing homies//

Kriss Kross

Divvy up//

The applesauce

Buy back the block//

The Marathon ended after resetting the wrist watch

Black People//

Are not a monolith

For your//


Black People//

Are not my monolith

For my//


  • end.-


God’s Science Project//

My melanin received Mendelian Inheritance

Bb.25 was the prequel//

Punnet Square the season settling in

The tv commercial //

That Doom left

Only experiment//

God got right

Never thought//

I’d witness 25

Body bag//

How we still alive

Boxed in//

Protective style

Kaws prep//

Me for recital

Keep shifting//

On my rivals

Music almond milk//

it’s vital

Uplifting lossless//

no piggy back

Number 1 spot//

gimme that

Throwbacks jerseys//

Got mix n match

Golden Era flow//

farming back phat

Luckily I’m not//

An indie plant

Olivia Rodrigo//

How I’m whippin cats

PG County//

How I’m drinking that

Alkaline water//

Blessed by the Carters

Already gave//

Solo the durag

Killed my ego//

Drank my soul

New era Louie //

How my blues crack

Me and Kaws//

Got no flaws

How we getting//

No calls back?

Punnet Square//

Defeat your fetus

Stifiled laughs//

When it comes to God’s plan

  • end.-

Outro Verse: JOJANK

Y’all niggas broke as fuck //
I ain’t talking money neither //
Y’all be rolling round with heaters //
Chrome won’t save you from my ego //
Everybody go where we go //
Wrote the Culture like the Migos


S/o my Lor shawty//

Reason why i spiced up my prices

Lines was hard//

But I kept my timeups crispy in crisis

Bear witness to//

The mortal who climbed Mt. Olympus

God’s Science Project//

Everest? Nah I’m Hephaestus’ Hypothesis

Cut my teeth//

On the blade of grass

Tokageroh crying//

Reminisce about the murky past

Golem’s sorrow//

Refill dreams and regrets empty out flask

Even monks learn something//

After the 3rd prayer

Pigs hustling for nips//

All my opps lookin’ John Mayer

Times moving too square//

Manhattan squatting long by a hare

Masongo’s Wonderland//

Cards poking face ducking smoke catapillar

Asthmatic Aztec//

Pulled my breathe’s furyoku out the thick air

Ballin’ like Ghibli//

My spirit been moving away on a tear

Mama worried//

Lipo not gonna keep me away from the pear

Weight burried//

Lost but gained new methods how we really even got here

Great before my time//

Niggas shaming me for being a shaman

Twinem Yoh and Hao//

My fucks sitting at the section watching your reaction

Benched on your playlist//

But you stressed about my practice

Gained my confidence back//

Now I’m insinuating malice

Teddy Pen pushing Pain//

Zone package your ass at palace

Descendant of Marley and Paradis//

Lobbing the mental paycheck zeke catch

Slicing up Kaws for din-din//

5’4” fornite been on my Levi

Fine too a fair degree//

BA for my BS word to Hange

Love her pussy lips//

Crunchy or smooth only if Haagen-Das

Always behind the curve//

Caught up cause my bars kept a steady jog

Projecting on Marcy Me//

Marciano if he pushed grades and kept a log

Independent with a price//

You Couldn’t even afford my intermission at Flog Gnaw

Goblin’s Bastard//

Third Eye swelling from angelic contacts

Moderna Missionary//

Raw gospel allowed me to heal fast

Thank God//

For not allowing me to Nike print your kneecaps

Hephaestus’ Hypothesis//

Anna’s beads how they sweat my chocolove raps

  • end.-


Walking backwards//

While staying outside of the margin

How you rap good//

Owned my sauce before I owned the compartment

Imagine if we bought//

The fridge instead of the canned foods

God’s Science Project//

Revealed my tricks long time ago you still fooled

Battery back//

On Blackened Yellow Teeth

Same hacks//

experiments laughed at not for free

Naudwar with a Nautilus//

How I keep my verbiage fresh

Accommodating the awkwardness//

Good cane got my feet feeling blessed

Ten toes with Kaws//

My hands long enough to box with demons

Hide your bloody paws//

Activist on the gram yet you eating with Diddy and A. Stephen?

If I accepted Hip-Hop Twitter//

Maybe then my album will go pissy gold

If I turned heel on myself//

Am I really better than Red Skull holding the space stone?

Black holes//

Ingesting inner vortex

Doing great//

Now that my confidence cordless

Waiting for//

My mental health to high five the 5G

Rotten bananas//

Yet we make your favorite juices so sweet


my code Da Vinci

Pray Tell//

Karma Mona Lisa for the forever frequencies (x2)

  • end.-

6. Rucker Park (feat. KAWHIATUS) (prod. KAWHIATUS)

1st Verse: Masongo Ogora

Cruella captured in grayscale//

Devil resides in the details

God’s Science Project//

G.W. carver curving the hate mail

All my dogs went to Heaven//

Cats innocent milking Jail

Rats dismantling Capitalism//

Pigs feasting on our entrails

Songo & Kaws//

Production Heavenly

We don’t even//


My rapping//

Got better

Once I made//

The Holy Spirit my//


Spiritual Sanskrit//

While eating ass with a side of toes

Death by REM//

Loops peacefully got you comatose

Commas increase//

Revenge taken in dose

Pickup games//

Jumper Ark’d cause Noah my oversoul (Kobe!)


Still a deadbeat nigga


Escape responsibility at midnight


Overcoming the White Flight

I’ll bring //

two №2s to a lightsaber fight

Independence in my Abode//

Yota the next-gen Yoda

Swifter Dust the Earl Hommy//

Comparisons off your shoulder

Proof is in the pudding//

Industry gets it in rice

Inverse egg whites gleaming//

Mandalorian on Bb.25

Punnet Squares//

Sauared up with your DNA

Halting the CS by euthanization//

Rocking your boat fucking up ETAs

D-A-D the game//

3 kids signed to my sneaker

G-E-D the I-R-S//

Spelling our salvation with sleepers

Hampton in the Hamptons//

Reading W.E.B while balancing Heat Seekers

Lonnie Johnson //

needs Johnnie Cochran

We still spit-swapping //

Paul Mooney’s words for Jesus

Same difference//

Wishbones and bearclaws encourage luck

Misgiving blessings//

Missed out on yours due to real talk

Sensitivity is my strength//

Hard knock bars got you fooled

Hov finessed Annie twice//

Whatchu mean he won’t juke you?

I’m Tupac’s spark//

Shooting chem sets w/ Truesent in Rucker Park

Ball is Life//

Same animal, different beasts when Kaws’ Phil Jackson in Rucker Park

2nd Verse: KAWHIATUS

My passion aint my passion anymore
I closed the door ‘for happiness had hit the floor
Rock bottom all my stock droppin
Out grown the holy war
This you not toppin
But I’m always on it
We aint got a problem
Top ramen
Put some suede in my coffin
Joggin to the finish
And we not stopping
Plottin all these schemes
And we not flauntin
Money on my mental
Body’s just a rental
When i die imma lock in with the devil
Cursed my body’s temple
Got me hooked on menthols
Pushed my hairline
Disassembled my potential
Heavy on my conscience
When i get my profits
Blue moon when im coming of the top and
We aint getting bothered
Love to strive and prosper
Clout could turn you to a monster
i seen it in my optics
The steps are gettin farther
Look into the mirror and think i see my father

7. 81 (feat. Big Flowers) (prod. KAWHIATUS)

1st Verse: Masongo Ogora

Dreams used to//

Be shallow as a kiddie pool

Working with regrets//

Really does a number on your mental tools

God’s Science Project//

Alchemy doesn’t make your heart feel full

Dedicate this one//

To the people that we lost every June

Summertime fine//

Easily been depressed

Winter back on road//

Called Triple A to finesse my appendix

Weight loss//

How my soul gone with the watch

Call back//

Wish I could call my grandma to hear voice box

Packaged my emotions//

Domestic shipping to the plowed hoes

Returned to sender//

International gander had me fucking up my flower’s home

Carrying the generational green thumb//

How this idiot smarter than a 5th grader

It really be your own niggas//

Negativity had me warmed up Kobe’s bench player

Watching him score 81//

unemployed at the cost

There’s no money in rap//

Compliments don’t recoup the cost

Me Jank Grundy Flowers Kaws//

Forever Ballin’ till we autumn

Hem of God’s Garment//

How much that thread count cost Him?

Tears running dry//

When it comes to facing washed coffins

Live your own truth//

God the reason my sermons not posthumous


Why is death//

Always around the corner

Hitting me up//

“Lil Bro, let me hold a quarter”

81 on the 24th holster//

Gave my lob to God to make my life gorgeous

2nd Verse: Big Flowers

Practice often, so I don’t let the homies down
Alarm clock talkin to me, kept it on the loud, I had to know when it was my time on the low taxes was late, lust like most of what I box with, still probably pull up early to the coffin, on the prowl tunnel vision on what’s sposed to take place, softened the gate before I tried to get thru, still they tacked on a foul, I was elated to see that with commoner speak I can break loose, homage to probable causes and take twos, polish the product with solvent that’s homegrown, like pallbearers, walking with memories held close, sad that it transpired thru telephone wire, couldn’t even see the elephant that was evidently in the room how I’m supposed to speak on its presence? Composure foreboding the state of tomorrow, defending my posture without depriving the essence of sorrow, we all go through it


And on the 10th day//

Kaws rested from completing the greatest instrumental of all time.


Came back from the dead//

Just to hear that I was right on time

Stove God Cooks cheffin’ kitchen//

The way Kaws and I bagging these dimes

Crazy how they treat the sublime//

When it was fine all their lives

Fuck a cult fandom//

Forever the Anthony Bourdain of rhymes

My schemes taking the decade//

They way I fuck up their facade

Who would’ve thought Masongo and Kawhiatus//

Would be the Gen Z Dump YOD

Every breath I take//

I frantically praise God

God’s Science Project//

Albert Einstein was the OG Flygod

Ben Been Frank //

With the lightning rod

Split //

4 apart

Now I can really //

Hold your pockets hostage


Second thoughts

My niggas beating cancer and jail cells//

Fuck an auction block

Robbing your sense of entitlement//

Spotify gave you basic stock

Apple Music couldn’t reveal this//

Streaming numbers got you brainwashed

Killing myself on the mic//

Weed out Garden of Gethsemane with the posthumous

Audiomack playlist on my Cake Day//

Now the talent preposterous

Hyoi Gattai with my flow//

Whole body on autopilot

How we keep peace with the violence//

Marvin Gaye screaming in silence

The revolution will not be commodified//

My inner child smile too priceless

Stuck so long with my vices//

Until they acknowledged i’m nicest

I’ll sign the dotted coffin//

When Wally West ride home from the crisis

Meeting God for the first time//

Was just like seeing Yoh’s face

Last Great American Writer//

Never hitting the backspace

My self-portrait golden//

Cast out the Dorian Gray

Finale Cube on Crushed Ice Mode//

Today was a Good Friday

Passed me over//

Now they attending my passover

Descendant of Joshua and Moses//

How I hit my Heavenly crossover

The Kyrie to Kaws’ Bron Bron//

Rewrite the whole planet over

Fuck your favorite similie and metaphor//

Until the next time

Masongo Ogora//

The Muse of Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise

Wonder if they//

Had my shoes in Dorothy’s size

I would’ve got//

A ‘stang just to beat the traffic on 95

Tired as fuck//

But thanking God that I’m still alive

Mother’s Hands//

Hold the Sun

Hope my drive//

Pushes me past my cries

Fuck a funeral//

Pose with my gravestone on FaceTime

Raise a glass//

For this bitch one time

Never did drugs//

Or committed a crime

Got it out the mud//

Before my sandcastle dried

Premature baby//

Miracle that I haven’t died

Kept my shit organic//

Even when I had the chance to panic

Maryland how//

I wave my flagship

Kaws sax//

Reminiscent of SpottieDopalicious

Thank you DOOM, KOBE, and NIP//

For inspiring us little guys

Hope my flame//

Adds character to your eternal fire

To Kawhiatus//

You made a classic so go head and retire

Masongo Ogora//

The Greatest Rapper they’ll never hire




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